SENDING LOVE & HEALING 🙏 Crystal Guided Meditation for Uplifting the Energy of the World!

sending love and healing

Are You Overwhelmed by the Suffering in the World? This is a Crystal Guided Meditation designed specifically to help us during those times when we feel overwhelmed by the tragedies and suffering in the World. Reading the news, social media or hearing stories from friends can leave our hearts hurting and wishing to be able…

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Rose Quartz Meditation for Practical Crystal Wisdom

rose quartz guided meditation

Rose Quartz – (Heart Chakra) – (Zodiac of Taurus & Libra) Join in for a regular Weekly Gemstone Guided Meditation! This week I take you through an Rose Quartz Meditation. This is a chance to sit with an Rose Quartz gemstone and experience how it affects you. No gemstone is required – you can still…

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ROSE QUARTZ Meaning & Spiritual Benefits | Stone of Unconditional Love

improving your life with rose quartz

Rose Quartz – (Heart Chakra) – (Zodiac of Taurus & Libra) This is part of a Weekly YouTube exploration of Crystals and Gemstones and how to incorporate their Crystal Wisdom into Your Daily Life. This video will tell you all about the supportive gemstone, Rose Quartz! Check out this video to learn about the Rose…

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New on Etsy! Reiki-Charged Bracelets & Gemstone Sets

carnelian bracelet set

Announcing a new addition to the Reiki Gem Wellness Crystal Healing Store! I have started creating bracelet and tumbled gemstone sets. These are intended for those who would like to delve deeper into the exploration of a stone’s energy. Each bracelet has 20 gemstone beads with one Clear Quartz bead added to boost and enhance…

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