Purple Aventurine Spiritual Properties: Stone of the Spirit

purple aventurine spiritual

Purple Aventurine – (Throat Chakra) – (Zodiac of Aries) Purple Aventurine is one of the many colors available in the Aventurine family. Green Aventurine is the most well known for Heart Healing, and Blue Aventurine helps to transform negative thinking. Purple Aventurine specializes in healing issues of the Soul and Spirit. It is a deeply…

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Lepidolite Spiritual Properties: Stone of Transition

lepidolite spiritual

Lepidolite – (Heart & Third Eye Chakra) – (Zodiac of Libra) Lepidolite is one of the lesser known gemstones, but it is oh so useful and practical! It is a lovely pink, purple and white sparkly gem. I keep one nearby at all times, because it is so supportive in every day life situations. Whenever…

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Charoite Spiritual Properties: Stone of Transformation & Acceptance

charoite spiritual

Charoite – (Third Eye & Crown Chakras) – (Zodiac of Sagittarius & Scorpio) This is one of my very favorite new stones.  I learned about it in 2010 and have absolutely adored it ever since.  Purple is my favorite color and this stone has multiple shades! This stone plays with swirls of color, flash and…

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Amethyst Spiritual Properties: Stone of Spirituality & Contentment

amethyst spiritual

Amethyst – (Third Eye Chakra) – (Zodiac of Pisces) I’m starting off this weekly series with a stone that is near to my soul – my birthstone.  As a February baby, I’ve always felt a special connection with the stone I came into life associated with.  It is the strongest stone associated with Pisces. The…

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