PEACEFUL SLEEP Meditation 🙏 Crystal Guided Meditation for Easing into a Calm & Sound Sleep

sleep meditation

Do You Find it Difficult to Fall Asleep at Night? This is a guided meditation that will help with Falling asleep and staying asleep. There are many reasons why it can be difficult for someone to fall asleep, and stay asleep, at night. Insomnia, worries, busy brain, physical discomfort, or anxiety can keep us awake…

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STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF 🙏 Stress Relief Meditation for Reducing Feelings of Worry & Anxiety

stress relief meditation

Are You Overwhelmed by Stress and Worries? This is a Stress Relief Meditation designed for stress and anxiety relief. This is a Crystal Guided Meditation that will enable you to release the stress, worry and anxiety you are feeling. There are many, many reasons for stress in our lives and some people feel it every…

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Let’s Talk Crystals! “Which Hand Should Hold the Stone?” Sending and Receiving Crystal Energy

sending love and healing

“Dominant or Non-Dominant Hand?” This is part of a NEW Weekly YouTube that, first, describes how I have used gemstones to support my own life during the past week. In this video I talk about why I reached for Lepidolite, Green Aventurine, Blue Lace Agate and Howlite to help me out. Next, I answer your…

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Tumbling Lepidolite – From Start to Finish!

tumbling lepidolite

Rotary Rock Tumbling Lepidolite – Process & Techniques This is one in a series of Rock Tumbling “How-To” videos that I have been posting on YouTube. This video features me tumbling Lepidolite! Lepidolite is a lovely light purple mica that has a glittery sparkle. This stone was actually my most difficult tumble so far. The…

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Lepidolite Meditation for Practical Crystal Wisdom

lepidolite guided meditation

Lepidolite – (Heart & Third Eye Chakra) – (Zodiac of Libra) N Join in for a regular Weekly Gemstone Guided Meditation! This week I take you through a Lepidolite Meditation. This is a chance to sit with a Lepidolite gemstone and experience how it affects you. No gemstone is required – you can still sit…

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