Is it Citrine or Heat Treated Amethyst?

citrine or heat treated amethyst

What Am I Buying? Is it Natural Citrine or Heat Treated Amethyst? I had this discussion on Reddit recently and thought it was worth putting together a detailed post about how to tell if the crystal you want to buy is Citrine or Heat-Treated Amethyst. The passion and debate regarding this topic is wide-spread, but…

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Video: Outer Space Stones! Meteorites, Tektites & Moldavite Crystal Healing

moldavite crystal healing

Meteorites, Tektites & Moldavite Today on YouTube I talk about the topic of Outer Space Stones! Learn about Meteorites, Tektites & Moldavite Crystal Healing! Specifically, how do Meteorites and Tektites (such as Moldavite) affect your crystal healing practice, how did they get here, what do they look like, and how can I get some?? We’ll…

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Video: Synthetic Gemstones Crystal Healing | Andara Crystals, Gaia Stone, Opalite

synthetic stones crystal healing

Today on YouTube I talk about the topic of Synthetic Gemstones. There are many man-made “gemstones” on the market right now and I want you to be aware that some crystals are not what they are appear to be. Most items are glass marketed as something super-special, but don’t be fooled! There is even a…

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Treated Gemstones & Crystal Healing | Heat-Treated Amethyst aka “Citrine”

treated gemstones crystal healing

New Video! Today I’ll be talking about four common types of gemstone treatments and if I work with them in my Crystal Healing practice. Curious about how the current gemstone selling market may affect your gemstone collection? The topics will be: 1. Heat Treating 2. Dyed Stones 3. Reconstitution & Composites 4. Aura Treatments…

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