FOOT CHAKRA Meditation | Foot Chakra Exploration & Self-Discovery Practice!

foot chakra guided meditation

Enjoy this Foot Chakra & Crystal Healing Practice (Video #4 in the Series) In this Foot Chakra Meditation video, I’ll guiding you through a meditation to explore the health of your Foot Chakras. These Chakras are vital to your entire experience as a human being living on Earth. These are the Chakras that connect directly…

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Snowflake Obsidian Spiritual Properties: Stone of Surrender

snowflake obsidian spiritual

Snowflake Obsidian – (Root Chakra) – (Zodiac of Virgo) Snowflake is a powerful gemstone that truly supports me when I am having a rough patch in life. Its unique support benefit is helping us Surrender. So when I feel like I’ve been fighting and uphill battle and I am just exhausted, I sit with Snowflake…

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FOOT CHAKRAS & Crystal Healing | FREE 10-Week Study of Chakras! (Week 2)

foot chakras & crystal healing

Foot Chakra Activation & Balancing with Gemstones (Video #3 in the Series) Welcome to this 10-Week study of Chakras & Crystal Healing! In this video, we begin the Chakra study with the Foot Chakras & Crystal Healing. The Foot Chakras are vital to our experience as a human being living on this Earth. It the…

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