Reiki Charged Fluorite Tumbled Gemstone, 30 grams, Large Size (F8), Crystal Healing


Reiki Charged Fluorite – “The Stone of Order & Learning”

A Third Eye Chakra gemstone that is attuned to Zodiac signs of Pisces & Capricorn. Reiki-Tumbled for enhanced Crystal Healing practices.

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You will be receiving the exact stone listed in the pictures.

Fluorite – (Third Eye Chakra) – (Zodiac of Pisces & Capricorn)

Stone of Order & Learning – Fluorite brings order to chaos.  Its energy stabilizes and connects the mind, body, heart and spirit energies.  Being multi-colored it helps to balance and clear all the chakras and energetic channels allowing one to open to guidance from Spirit.  Fluorite is also an amazing study aid! It helps to sharpen the mind, increase focus, memory and absorption of information.

These Rhodonite gemstones were tumbled personally, by myself, from rough to polish. These gemstones were tumbled in barrels covered with Reiki Healing Symbols and received Reiki after each week in the barrels. These gems have received 6-8 weeks of intense Reiki during the entire tumbling process, which dramatically amplifies the metaphysical properties of the gem. (Certified Gemologist / Certified Reiki Master & Teacher)

**Keep in mind when purchasing, that these are not the standard, similar shaped, mass-produced tumbled stones that are primarily available on the market. These were tumbled from rough in their natural shapes in small batches, and have received alot of personal care during the entire process. Each gem will have a beautiful, unique shape with natural inclusions.

Do I really Tumble these myself? I sure do! Check out my YouTube Channel for more details: Reiki Gem Wellness YouTube Channel

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