Privacy Policy + Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

Through our interactions via the store and consultations I will need to collect data from you to deliver your purchases. I may also collect your email address and name if you subscribe to the Monthly email newsletter. I will NOT sell your information to any 3rd party company or service. Your information is for my records only and will not be shared. The only emails you will receive based on the information you provide me, will be from me. I take this very seriously as we are all inundated with more spam emails than we can handle in a lifetime and you don’t need any more email spam cluttering up your inboxes. Your information is safe with me.

All information collected, emails and readings are confidential. The only exceptions are the public reviews, comments and testimonials posted on the site. Any person who emails or posts comments that are hostile, mean, profane or harassing gives up their right to confidentiality and could be subject to legal action. Trolling or hostile posts or comments will be removed from the site.

Reiki Gem Wellness does not guarantee information protection from hacking or other security breaches.

Terms & Conditions


Payment for items is due before products are shipped or readings are delivered. Reiki Gem Wellness processes all payments through Paypal. If you have trouble processing a payment with the Paypal application you will need to contact Paypal for support.


Reiki Gem Wellness will pack and ship your purchase with 2 business days of your purchase. If there is a delay due to weather, illness or emergency, then I will let you know of the delay via email and provide an estimated date for shipping. I ship all packages via USPS First Class mail which does provide a tracking number for your records. Reiki Gem Wellness is not liable for loss of the package after it has been received by USPS. If your package does not arrive, and it has been recorded as received on the USPS tracking website, please contact USPS to have them open a ticket to locate your item.

Downloadable purchases will be emailed as soon as the purchases is completed, and readings via email will be delivered the next business day. Purchases for readings on the weekend, or Friday night, will be delivered on Monday.


Reiki Gem Wellness is dedicated to provide you with products and services you will be delghted with. However, if you are not satisfied, please contact Reiki Gem Wellness at right away to discuss your experience. RGW will accept returns if the request is made within 14 days from the delivery date of the item. The item must then be returned within 14 days, undamaged, prior to receiving a refund. The cost of shipping will not be refunded and the returning party is responsible for the cost to ship the item back.

Reiki Gem Wellness does NOT refund for consultations or readings. All readings and consultations are performed via intuition and math and I do my very best to provide you with helpful and valuable information. However, once the information is provided no refund will be issued.


All photos, information, and articles posted on the Reiki Gem Wellness website are created by Shannon Servesko and remain the exclusive property of Shannon Servesko and Reiki Gem Wellness. Do not use the photos or information without written permission and a credit back to Reiki Gem Wellness. I do encourage you to share any useful information you find valuable from this website, just please do this via the Social Media buttons and properly credit this website. Do not copy and distribute E-Books you have purchased from Reiki Gem Wellness.

User Agreement

By using and interacting on this website or sending me communications by e-mail, you are acknowledging and agreeing to all of the terms above.