Rock Tumbling 101

  • Lecture #1 - Why Tumble Rocks?

    In this lesson you'll learn the primary reasons why people choose rock tumbling as a hobby. Knowing why you want to tumble rocks will help you determine how you get the rocks, which type of gems to choose, and what you do with them when you're done.

  • Lecture #2 - Basic Equipment

    This lesson reviews the minimum equipment you'll need to get started with this hobby. Please refer to the lesson resources for a checklist of supplies.

  • Lecture #3 - All About Tumblers

    In this lesson you'll learn about the two primary brand of rock tumblers and what you need to consider when purchasing one.

  • Lecture #4 - Where to Find Rocks?

    This lessons reviews where you can find the rocks you'd like to polish. Where you decide to get your gems will shape your experience of this hobby. Please refer to the Resources for a list of Online Stores where you can buy supplies and rough stone.

  • Lecture #5 - Choosing Your First Stones

    This lesson covers the types of stones that are best for beginners to start with and helps you decide specifically which type of rock you want to try in your first batch.

  • Lecture #6 - Grits, Polish & Filler Media

    In the final supply-related lesson, you'll learn all about the types of grit, polish, and filler media and why they are so important.

  • Lecture #7 - Basic Timeline, Recipe & Logging Data

    This lesson sets the expectation regarding how long a batch of rocks may take from start to finish. You'll learn how much grit and polish to use in your batches and this importance of writing down your actions at each stage. Please refer to the resources for reference material and log sheets.

  • Lecture #8 - Loading the Barrel with Rough Stones

    During this lessons you will watch as I load a barrel with rough stones to begin a brand new batch. You can use this as a reference when you start your own batches.

  • Lecture #9 - Cleaning & Recharging Each Week

    In this lesson you will learn how to clean your stones, introduce the right amount of filler media, and recharge the barrel with grit.

  • Lecture #10 - When to Move to the Next Stage?

    In this lesson you'll learn how to make the most important decision in this tumbling hobby. Moving rocks to the next stage too early will result in poor polish and potentially having to start all over at the beginning. Learn what to look for that indicates to stones are ready to move from Course to Medium grit.

  • Lecture #11 - Washing Cycles

    In between grit types, you'll need to make sure your barrel, stones, and filler media are completely free of the current grit type to eliminate contamination during a finer grit stage. I show you how to perform the wash cycles and what the water should look like before you load the finer grit.

  • Lecture #12 - Polishing

    During this lesson you'll watch as I load the barrel with polish, and how to check your stones for progress along the way.

  • Lecture #13 - Lessons Learned

    During this lesson we'll review all that we've covered during this online course and where you should be at this point in your hobby.

  • Lecture #14 - What to Do with Your Polished Stones?

    In this lesson you'll learn many ideas for what you can do with all of your gorgeous polished gemstones.

  • Lecture #15 - Thank You!

    Thank you so much for joining me on this rock tumbling journey!

Rock Tumbling 101

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