Nominate Me Please! 2021 Soul Awards!

2021 Soul Awards

2021 Soul Awards! Soul & Spirit Magazine Hello Friends and Crystal Lovers! ✨ I hope you would do me a great honor if you have been enjoying the content I have been providing!  Please go to and Nominate me for the Crystal Knowledge/Expert Award category. Just type in “Shannon Marie of”.  If you…

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TOP 10 TIPS for Buying Genuine Moldavite! Is it Real or Man-Made?

buying genuine Moldavite

Distinguishing Fake from Real Moldavite Join us to Learn 10 qualities to look for when buying genuine Moldavite. Learn to distinguish real pieces from man-made! Be confident in your future Moldavite purchases! Moldavite is a scarce tektite that is found in only one location. It’s unique color makes it very attractive to buyers, but the…

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Is it Citrine or Heat Treated Amethyst?

citrine or heat treated amethyst

What Am I Buying? Is it Natural Citrine or Heat Treated Amethyst? I had this discussion on Reddit recently and thought it was worth putting together a detailed post about how to tell if the crystal you want to buy is Citrine or Heat-Treated Amethyst. The passion and debate regarding this topic is wide-spread, but…

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