Tumbling Mookaite – From Start to Finish!

tumbling mookaite

Rotary Rock Tumbling Mookaite – Process & Techniques

This is one in a series of Rock Tumbling “How-To” videos that I have been posting on YouTube. This video features me tumbling Mookaite! It is also known as Mookaite Jasper, or Mook Jasper. This gemstone is primarily mined in Australia and displays a gorgeous blend of reds, yellow, greys and beiges. Mookaite also takes a superb shine! It is Mohs hardness 7, and is not brittle in the tumbler, so it is great for a beginner tumbler.

Check out the video below to watch my entire process, see the final recipe and timeline I used, then see the super shiny finished, polished Mookaite!

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