Gemstones for Scorpio!

Most Common Gemstones Associated with Scorpio

Wednesday the 23rd, we’ll be transitioning into the season of Scorpio! (October 23 – November 21) If that is your birth sign and you’re interested in working with gemstones that are especially effective during this time, or if you’re shopping for a gift for a beloved Scorpio – here is a comprehensive list of gemstones below.  Which ones are you most drawn to?

  • Botswana Agate – (Crown Chakra) – Stone of Enlightenment – Botswana Agate helps us connect deeply with the energies of the Universe and the Earth to guide and support us on the path to awakening and Enlightenment. This stone encourages mindfulness and introspection. It also helps us to cut cords with negative past relationships. When used in the home, it can repel unwanted spirits. 
  • Purple Sage Agate – (Third Eye) – Stone of Change – This stone open our eyes to the beauty within ourselves and gives us the confidence and courage to open up to new experiences, new people, and to see things in a new light.  It also helps to ease conflict between people. It also helps us follow through on commitments, projects, and to achieve and maintain our goals.
  • Astrophyllite – (Crown & Solar Plexus Chakras) – Stone of Unlimited Potential – This gemstone allows you to open up to you True Path and your unlimited potential in this life. It allows you to remain objective as you decide what no longer support your Highest Good and helps you release it; therefore, clearing any barriers on your True Path.
  • Charoite – (Third Eye & Crown Chakras) – Stone of Transformation & Acceptance – Charoite helps us through times of immense change.  This stone helps to release great fear and to look at our current situation in a calm manner. It helps us to accept the present and make wise decisions that are not based in fear reactions. Charoite helps to transmute negative energies, and to understand better those who are immersed in negativity, allowing for deeper compassion and acceptance. Any negativity we pick up from others will be transformed and will not bring us down with it.  Because of its transmutation qualities, it is a natural auric cleansing stone.
  • Hiddenite (Green Kunzite) – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Spiritual Strength – This gemstone helps to relieve people of fear of failure. It also supports those who have difficulty accepting help from others. Hiddenite helps relieve fear of new beginnings and supports those who are starting anew. It helps you connect the intellectual and spiritual aspects of yourself to your Heart. Aids in the absorption of spiritual information to enable you to use it for your spiritual growth.
  • Kunzite – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Spirituality & Protection – Kunzite is an incredibly peaceful and open-hearted gemstone.  It helps us sink deep into meditation, opens the heart center to expansive compassion, and helps us find peace and connection to all. It is also very protective and strengthens the energetic field. It creates a shield around the aura that repels negativity, unwanted attachments, and dark influences.
  • Labradorite – (Third Eye Chakra) – Stone of Transformation and Magic – It is said to clear, balance and protect the aura. It is purported to help provide clarity and insight into your destiny, as well as attract success. It is used in metaphysics for dream recall. Labradorite is said to increase intuition, psychic development, esoteric wisdom, help with subconscious issues, and provide mental illumination.
  • Malachite  – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Transformation – assisting one in changing situations and providing for the transfer of sacred information leading to spiritual evolution. It also protects one during these times of change.  It helps with scenarios of rebirth and releasing negativity from the change.
  • Moonstone – (Crown Chakra) – Stone of Reflection – It is balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar. It allows us to absorb what is needed from the Universe. It brings calm, focused awareness, and cleanses negativity from all the chakras. This stone helps us sink deeper into a contemplative, meditative state, and allows us to get in touch with our intuitive and feeling abilities rather than logic or reason. Rainbow Moonstone is feminine and nurturing; therefore, helping to bring compassion and comfort to our lives.
  • Peridot – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Cleansing – This gemstone is a powerful over-all cleanser. It cleanses the aura, energy and chakras. It also neutralizes environmental pollutants and filters electronic pollution. It helps us release our burdens and guilt to forgive yourself. Peridot helps to release old habits and behavior patterns to make room for more productive and healthy patterns. Helps to dissolve jealousy, bitterness, anger and spite.
  • Rhodochrosite – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Love & Healing – This stone radiates the strongest power in the Universe, the power of love.  It balances and restores feelings of love, and helps heal the wounds of love. It fosters love for all aspects of our self and others.
  • Turquoise – (Throat Chakra) – Stone of Purification – Often used in ancient amulets, Turquoise is a wonderful healing stone.  It channels the healing energy of the Earth Mother to cleanse and balance the energetic body. It enhances intuition and communication with the Spirit realm. It works extremely well to guard against exhaustion, depression and panic attacks. 
  • Unakite – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Rebirth & Awakening – A stone with gentle but powerful energy. It can assist one in finding one’s animal guide and is helpful for gardening. Unakite brings unconditional love of humanity, connection and reunion. Unakite is considered to be very helpful for pregnancy and childbirth. It supports past-life recovery work and so can also help with healing of abandonment and separation issues.
  • Variscite – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Soothing – It is sometimes called a “true worry stone” because it eases fear, tension, anxiety, worry, and impatience. It also relieves stress and depression, and can give courage and inner strength. Variscite can help calm the mind and help it be still, which makes it an excellent stone for meditation.

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