Moldavite: Stone of Universal Compassion

Healing Benefits of Moldavite (Bouteille Stone) – (Heart Chakra) – (ALL Zodiac Signs)

I absolutely fell in love with this gemstone as soon as I saw it and heard its origin story. What a phenomenal transparent olive green gem that originated in outer space! Most tektites are black, but this was such a yummy shade of green that I hadn’t seen before. I dove into researching and investigating this crystal and found that it is extremely powerful and expansive to hold. I hope you have the experience of meditating with this crystal one day!

Science – A tektite is formed when a meteor strikes the Earth and melts with the elements at the location. Each location’s tektite is unique due to the minerals and plant matter that was in the Earth at the time of the impact. Moldavite is the only tektite that is green (most are black or dark brown). This is due to the makeup of the soil in the Moldau region of the Czech Republic where the crater is located. The impact is estimated to have taken place about 15 million years ago, and local farmers have been digging up pieces of Moldavite from the strewn fields ever since. It has now become rare because its limited source has now been picked pretty clean. Even small specimen will demand a high market price.

**NOTE: Be very careful when purchasing faceted or cabochon Moldavite because it can easily be simulated by cutting bottle-green glass! The cost of this stone is very high so please make sure you’re not paying an exorbitant price for glass. Full disclosure – I got suckered once – don’t let this be you!

Metaphysical Attributes – To reiterate, a tektite is formed when a meteor strikes the Earth and melts with the elements at the location.  This is an important element that frames how Moldavite affects us. The original meteor sped for who-knows-how-many light years across a wide swath of the Universe. It has connected with the energies as environments throughout space and has collected alot of Universal minerals, vibrations, and information. So each piece contains elements from deep space and is connected with the breadth of the knowledge of the Universe. Moldavite then helps us channel all of that information!  It also helps us to gather and process all of the knowledge gathered during this lifetime and to retain only those experiences that will help us fulfill our personal destiny. Tektite helps us utilize the information we have accumulated and use it in daily life without effort.

Moldavite is an incredibly high vibrational and uplifting crystal. It has a dramatic effect on our aura, vibration and state-of-mind when we hold it. It enables extremely expansive and open meditation during which we can download Higher Wisdom. Moldavite activates alignment with multi-dimensional beings and energies. It enables astral travel during meditation and sleep. However, be cautious, this gem should be used for limited time periods due to its extremely high vibrational and expansive effects. It is also good to have a grounding stone with you, such as Black Tourmaline, if you start to feel overwhelmed.

Moldavite is the Stone of Universal Compassion. This crystal is especially helpful for people who find the suffering and tragedies of human life too much to bear. It enables you to send out love, compassion and healing to all others in the world, rather than taking on all of their pain. It raises the vibration of the entire planet and is healing to the Earth. It is especially useful when utilized in groups after mass tragedies or environmental disasters to send group healing energy to remote locations.

Finally, this tektite helps you transcend the concept of time and allows for past and future exploration. It can help you with past life work as you can easily access past life memories, contracts, and lingering attachments while meditating with Moldavite. This gem also helps you envision all of your possible options, and discern how each one will result, allowing you to make choices about your future.

Physical Effects – It is said that the Informational aspect of Moldavite helps with diagnosing illnesses and determining the physical and emotional root cause of the disease. This helps us see the lesson to be learned from our physical afflictions.

Practice Mantra – Sit in a seated meditation position, holding the Moldavite in your less dominant hand to receive its energy.  Really feel the support of the cushion or floor beneath you. You are grounded and supported by the Earth’s energies. Imagine a shimmery green light shining down on you from the sky. It brightens your entire aura and expands your Soul beyond your physical body. Repeat this mantra, “I am Open. I am no longer Limited. I am Ready to Receive an Abundance of Universal Wisdom.”


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