Video: Numerology – Life Path Numbers & Gemstones

New Video! Today I’ll be talking about Life Path Numbers and the Gemstones that most support each path Personality.  This is by far my most searched and view blog on this website, so I decided to do a video version on if for those who would like to learn more! Interested in Numerology?  Check this one out!⁠. If you don’t know you’re Life Path Number, a quick Google will provide you with resources to easily calculate your number.⁠

⁠I believe there are 3 key components to effective Crystal Healing: Knowledge, Tools & Practice.  Between my Etsy store and YouTube channel – I hope to provide you with all 3 Components.

Knowledge: Improve Your Life With…. Weekly Series⁠ (every Thursday)

Tools: Jewelry and Reiki-Tumbled Gemstones in Etsy (Click Here to Visit)

⁠Practice: Gemstone specific Guided Meditations⁠ (every Saturday)

All of this – Every Week!  If you’re interested in joining me for these weekly Gemstone explorations – please Subscribe to the YouTube channel.  Thank you!⁠

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