Gemstones for Virgo!

Most Common Gemstones Associated with Virgo

Friday the 23rd, we’ll be transitioning into the season of Virgo! (August 23 – September 23) If that is your birth sign and you’re interested in working with gemstones that are especially effective during this time, or if you’re shopping for a gift for a beloved Virgo – here is a comprehensive list of gemstones below.  Which ones are you most drawn to?

  • Moss Agate – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Prosperity – Moss agate is sometimes called the “gardener’s stone” due to its mystical properties of helping ensure a full crop. In addition to a full crop, moss agate is said to bring general abundance, success, and prosperity. It is also said to help one gain peace with extreme or excessive duties in life and brings self-confidence and higher self-esteem. Moss agate is also said to be a metaphysically protective stone, as are all agates.
  • Purple Sage Agate – (Third Eye Chakra) – Stone of Change – This stone open our eyes to the beauty within ourselves and gives us the confidence and courage to open up to new experiences, new people, and to see things in a new light.  It also helps to ease conflict between people. It also helps us follow through on commitments, projects, and to achieve and maintain our goals.
  • Ajoite – (Throat & Crown Chakras) – (Zodiac of Virgo) – Stone of Spirituality – This very rare stone is one that will raise your vibration, connect you with your spirit guides, heal karmic wounds, resolve conflict, and instill a sense of calm and peace. This self helps us open up to our Higher Self on every level.
  • Amazonite – (Heart & Throat Chakra) – The Soothing Stone – This stone is known for its powerful ability to calm and soothe the wearer.  It relaxes the body, mind and emotions, so it good to reduce stress and anxiety. Amazonite balances male and female energies. It allows one to consider a problem from a more objective space.
  • Amethyst – (Third Eye Chakra) – Stone of Spirituality and Contentment – It balances the energies of the intellectual, emotional and physical bodies and provides a clear connection between the Earthly plane and other worlds.  It clears the aura and stabilizes and transmutes any dysfunctional energies. Amethyst represents the principles of complete metamorphosis. It aids against addictions. Increases stability, strength, energy and peace.
  • Chrysocolla – (Throat Chakra) – Stone of Communication – This stone strengthens one’s ability at expression and communication. It also helps to find the strength and courage to speak up, and to use compassion in our message.  Chrysocolla has a strong connection with the Earth, and helps us communicate with the Earth spirits to heal and deepen our connection to the planet. 
  • Garnet – (Root Chakra) – Stone of Renewal – Garnet removes negativity of all forms from our body and chakras and transmutes the energy to a beneficial state.  It helps with emotional, spiritual and physical regeneration – helps everything become fresh and new. Garnet assists with purification, cleansing, and detoxification. Garnet also increases love, devotion, warmth and understanding in relationships. 
  • Magnetite (Lodestone) – (Root Chakra) – Stone of Recovery – This stones is very grounding and connects us deeply to the energy of the Earth.  It helps to recover from grief, fear, anger and attachments. It temporarily balances the chakras, aura, and emotions to relieve stress on the body and ease healing. The magnetism of this stone attracts our desires in life.
  • Snowflake Obsidian – (Root Chakra) – Stone of Surrender – This stone is very soothing and protects us as we surrender resistance and rest in the support of the Divine. It helps us recognize patterns of thinking and behavior that are holding us back, and allows us to release them. This teaches us to view mistakes and lessons to learn from our experiences. 
  • Peridot – (Heart Chakra) – (Zodiac of Virgo) – Stone of Cleansing – This gemstone is a powerful over-all cleanser. It cleanses the aura, energy and chakras. It also neutralizes environmental pollutants and filters electronic pollution. It helps us release our burdens and guilt to forgive yourself. Peridot helps to release old habits and behavior patterns to make room for more productive and healthy patterns. Helps to dissolve jealousy, bitterness, anger and spite.
  • Purpurite – (Third Eye Chakra) – Stone of Enlightenment – This gemstone connects the Crown Chakra to the Root and allows complete energetic opening of your intuition and stimulates efforts toward enlightenment. Purpurite also provides powerful psychic protection and guards against ill-wishes from others. It also removes barriers on your spiritual journey. This could be past-life blocks, interference from others, self-doubt and emotional resistance. 
  • Sagenite – (Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras) – (Zodiac of Virgo) – Stone of Wisdom – This stone helps us to hear and trust our Inner Wisdom.  Intuition and inner knowing help us make the wisest decisions for our development and allow us to learn life lessons quickly. If used while smudging, Sagenite also clears the aura and environment, cultivating lightness and positivity. 
  • Sapphire – (Throat & Third Eye Chakra) – Stone of Wisdom – All sapphire helps us seek and attain deep wisdom. Each color has it’s own primary source. Blue Sapphire supports us as we seek Spiritual Wisdom and enables us to share this truth with others. Blue sapphire transmutes negative energies.
  • Sugilite – (Heart & Third Eye Chakra) – Stone of Incarnation – This is a stone that reminds us why we incarnated on the Earth in this Human experience. It helps us find answers to questions like, “Why am I here?” and “Where did I come from?” It supports all those who do not feel like they quite “fit” where they are. This is a Love Stone that helps us love ourselves as we are, love our existence, have peaceful connections with others, and to heal from major wounds and traumas.
  • Blue Topaz – (Throat Chakra) – Stone of Truth – Blue Topaz connects us with the angels of Truth and Wisdom. This stone helps us see ourselves as we truly are with no judgement and to see what is hindering our path to our Highest Self. It enables us to see what we are hiding from others and to determine why we fear showing this part of ourselves. It helps us to portray our authentic selves to the world.
  • Watermelon Tourmaline – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Love & Compassion – This crystal is the ultimate Heart Chakra activator. It encourages love, compassion, friendship and tenderness toward all (including yourself). It alleviates depression and allows us to heal from old emotional wounds. It helps to open up to all types of relationships and find joy in supporting others.

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