Video: Revealing… MY Guardian Gemstones!

NEW YouTube Video! I hope you got the chance to watch the video last week “Identifying Your Guardian Gemstones“.  As a follow up, I filmed a video to show you what MY Guardian Gemstones are and how I use them. I hope this gives you a better feel for how and when to use your own Guardian Gems! ⁠

Guardian Gemstones are the Heart Essence of Practical Crystal Healing! Don’t forget to sign up for the FREE 14-page Printable workbook to record your insights and findings as you follow this Intuitive process.⁠

⁠I believe there are 3 key components to effective Crystal Healing: Knowledge, Tools & Practice.  Between my Etsy store and YouTube channel – I hope to provide you with all 3 Components.

Knowledge: Improve Your Life With…. Weekly Series⁠ (every Thursday)

Tools: Jewelry and Reiki-Tumbled Gemstones in Etsy (Click Here to Visit)

⁠Practice: Gemstone specific Guided Meditations⁠ (every Saturday)

All of this – Every Week!  If you’re interested in joining me for these weekly Gemstone explorations – please Subscribe to the YouTube channel.  Thank you!⁠

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2 thoughts on “Video: Revealing… MY Guardian Gemstones!

  1. You have a beautiful collection of jewelry on your Etsy site.

    1. Thank you very much!

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