Bumblebee Jasper: Stone of New Beginnings

Healing Benefits of Bumblebee Jasper – (Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras) – (Zodiac of Cancer & Leo)

This is a newer gemstone on the market and it is a really brilliant stone! Its coloring – black, grey, white, yellow and orange – appear to be a visual representation of the volcano from which it is mined!

Science – This gemstone is not actually a Jasper at all. It is comprised of colored bands of Calcite that get their color from sulfur and volcanic ash. Bumblebee “Jasper” (likely named for the black and yellow stripes like bees) is mined in an active volcano! Mount Papandayan, West Java, Indonesia. Given the single location where this stone is found, and its difficulty obtaining it from the hot vents in the volcano, this gemstone is on the pricier side. The tumble stone in the picture above was $20. However, it is a beautiful and powerful stone, so totally worth the cost.

Metaphysical Attributes – This stone helps us to accept change and gracefully let go of what is no longer serving us.  It helps us to see new possibilities, take new risk, and go on adventures. It inspires passion for our pursuits. Bumblebee Jasper helps us to release the limits we place on ourselves, so we can really pursue our dreams!

Bumblebee Jasper is associated with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, so it is full of energy and helps expand our sense of personal power. It boosts the confidence to move forward with assurance. It helps us tap into our creative source and channel the power of the volcano into whatever we create.

Its Root Chakra connection allows us to make wise decisions that are not emotionally reactive. This gem helps us to trust our gut, sharpen mental focus, and to be able to analyze all of our possible options. This is a great stone for starting a new business, initiating life change, move to a new city (or country), or beginning a new creative project. It will inspire, motivate and support you.

**Note of Caution** As there are trace elements of sulfur and arsenic in this gemstone, it is a good idea to wash your hands if you hold a tumble stone in meditation. Also, DO NOT use Bumblebee Jasper for liquid elixirs!

Physical Effects – This stone is said to increase energy and vitality. It helps to reduce digestion issues and to fight infections.

Practice Mantra – Sit in a seated meditation position, holding the Bumblebee Jasper in your less dominant hand to receive its energy.  Really feel the support of the cushion or floor beneath you. You are grounded and supported by the Earth’s energies. Imagine a bright golden light shining up from the ground below you and surrounding you with its brilliance. It is warm and energizing. Repeat this mantra, “I am Excitied. I am Motivated. I am ready to take Chances and Pursue something New.”

Alternately, hold a Bumblebee Jasper mala and chant this mantra 108 times.


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