Gemstones for Cancer!

Most Common Gemstones Associated with Cancer

We are currently in the midst of Cancer Season! (June 22 – July ) If that is your birth sign and you’re interested in working with gemstones that are especially effective during this time, or if you’re shopping for a gift for a beloved Cancer – here is a comprehensive list of gemstones below.  Which ones are you most drawn to?

  • Turritella Agate – (Root Chakra) – Stone of Courage – This is a fossil stone that connects us deeply with the energy of the Earth and enables Earth healing. This is a protective stone that can help you truly feel more safe and protected in this life by dissipating the inner tension and fears we hold.  It helps to dissolve all negativity is one’s personality (anger, bitterness, jealousy, etc), increase empathy for others, and give us the confidence to move through change. 
  • Calcite – (Various Chakras) – (Zodiac of Cancer) – Stone of Spiritual Awakening – This gemstone is a powerful cleanser and amplifier of energy.  Just having Calcite in a room will clear it of all negative energies. It invigorates stagnant energy in the body. This crystal facilitates the awakening of all intuitive and psychic abilities and accelerates spiritual develop. This stone also helps to strengthen emotional intelligence. Colored Calite will have all these properties, but enhancements that stem from the chakra color.
  • Carnelian – (Sacral Chakra) – The Artist’s Stone – Carnelian enhances analytical abilities, perceptiveness and awakens hidden talents and gifts. Carnelian is a stone of creativity and inspiration in all forms of art particularly drama and theater. It awakens curiosity and bolsters the courage of shy people. Wear carnelian when you do public speaking as it gives one courage and eloquence. Carnelian also transmutes negative energy into positive! It is also believed to enhance and stimulate sexual activity.
  • Chalcedony – (Various Chakras) – (Zodiac of Cancer & Sagittarius) – Stone of Nurturing – This is a stone that invokes a gentler nature. It helps bring together people and communities. This crystal strengthens relationships, because we have more empathy, generosity, and compassion for those we care about. This stone absorbs negative energy and dissipates it – this includes negative thoughts, moods, and bad dreams.
  • Grossular & Pyrope Garnet – (Root Chakra) – Stone of Health – Garnet removes negativity of all forms from our body and chakras and transmutes the energy to a beneficial state.  It helps with emotional, spiritual and physical regeneration – helps everything become fresh and new. Garnet assists with purification, cleansing, and detoxification. Garnet also increases love, devotion, warmth and understanding in relationships. 
  • Moonstone – (Crown Chakra) – Stone of Reflection – It is balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar. It allows us to absorb what is needed from the Universe. It brings calm, focused awareness, and cleanses negativity from all the chakras. This stone helps us sink deeper into a contemplative, meditative state, and allows us to get in touch with our intuitive and feeling abilities rather than logic or reason. Rainbow Moonstone is feminine and nurturing; therefore, helping to bring compassion and comfort to our lives.
  • Opal – (Various Chakras) – Stone of Karma – This is a very gentle stone. It is cleansing, soothing and nurturing.  It helps to gently stimulate psychic vision and abilities. It is stone of karma. It amplifies what we receive and manifest, and sends it back out to the World. It teaches that what you put out into the World is what comes back to you. In that vein, Opal encourages generosity and optimism as a way to nurture ourselves and others.
  • Fire Opal – (Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras) – (Zodiac of Cancer) – Stone of Inspiration – This opal stoke our inner fire and boosts our sense of personal power and energy. This gem helps us process change and forward progress in life.  It is excellent for work in business and entrepreneurs. This stone helps to release issues and deep grief of the past – even many lives past. Use with care as bottled emotions may tend to rush to the surface in release.
  • Silver – attracts and retains the qualities emitted by the stones; therefore, it enhancing the healing and therapeutic effects of the jewelry. It is known to enhance the powers of the moon, particularly during the full and new moons. As the metal is reflective, as the moon reflects the light of the sun, so does silver reflect negativity from the wearer, thus guarding against negative energy. Silver is also said to enhance psychic and intuitive abilities.
  • Brown Spinel – (Root Chakra) – Stone of The Earth – This crystal cleanses the aura and forms a connection between body and spirit. It helps you channel the energy of the Earth and is very grounding.
  • Tektite – (Root Chakra) – Stone of Universal Information – A tektite is formed when a meteor strikes the Earth and melts with the elements at the location.  This stone is connected with the breadth of the Universe and is said to help us channel information from all of the Universe. It also helps us to gather and process all of the information gathered during this lifetime and to retain only those experiences that with help us fulfill our personal destiny. Tektite helps us utilize the information we have accumulated and use it in daily life without effort. 

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Other Cancer Gems and Crystals:

Adamite, Adularia, Analcime, Anhydrite, Augelite, Basalt, Bornite, Clinozoisite, Cuspidine, Endlichite, Fersmannite, Goyazite, Halite, Ilvaite, Iridosmine, Leifite, Linarite, Marble, Mordenite, Mullite, Nadorite, Natrolite, Nissonite, Orthoclase, Phillipsite, Ralstonite, Roselite, Svabite, Tarbuttite


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