Video: Rock Tumbling Weekly Episode #1

For those who enjoy rock collecting, rock hounding, and especially rock tumbling – I have started a series for you! I have loved rock hunting “since I was able to eat them as a toddler.” (I heard that recently and it sooo applies to me!) I particularly love taking rocks from rough, to smooth and polished, and to be able to provide those to my clients and customers who enjoy Crystal energy work. It is super fulfilling to me!

Each week I’ll show you what’s in my barrels. I show you how I clean, examine, and prep the stones for the next week. If you follow along week-to-week, you could actually see stones go from plain rough, through the weeks of tumbling, and then posted in the Etsy store. Start to finish!

If you are a fellow rock tumbler, I’ll provide information about my experience with different stones, and the techniques I use with each type. I love learning from the rock tumbling community and I’m really excited to be able to share my experiences as well.

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