Video: How Does Crystal Healing Work?

There is one question I get asked the most when discussing gemstones – “How does crystal healing actually work?” As the YouTube Channel is new, and I’m just starting to populate it, I thought it would be a great piece to post right away.

I believe that Crystal Healing works most effectively with 3 things: Knowledge, Tools & Practice. My YouTube Channel and Etsy store will provide all 3 elements for those looking to really delve into Crystal Healing.

YouTube Update: I posted one episode of a Weekly Podcast and the episode itself didn’t really feel cohesive, so I’m switching things up! Rather than one long podcast, I’ll be posting 3 Weekly videos that cover nearly all of my gemstone passions.

Tuesdays: Rock Tumbling Weekly (In this video I’ll give an update on the progress of everything in my tumbling barrels)

Thursdays: Improve Your Life Series (These videos will focus on the benefits of the Gem of the Week and how you can use it in everyday life)

Saturdays: Guided Meditation Series (These videos will accompany the IYL series and provide a guided meditation crafted specifically for that week’s gemstone)

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2 thoughts on “Video: How Does Crystal Healing Work?

  1. Great video! I’m just starting to learn about crystals. They’re becoming very influential to my sobriety as I feel they give me a “physical” connection to my Higher Power. 💖💖💖 The fact that they’re sparkly is a big bonus. 🤓🤓🤓

    1. I’m so glad the video was useful for you and I wish you the best as you explore and collect more crystals! <3 <3

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