Rhodochrosite: Stone of Love & Healing

Healing Benefits of Rhodochrosite – (Heart Chakra) – (Zodiac of Scorpio & Leo)

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful, pink banded stone that is fairly rare now. Good specimens have stunning patterns in various shades of pink. It is highly sought after, so expect to pay a little more for Rhodochrosite jewelry than other more available stones.

Science – This gemstone is a manganese carbonate. The mineral siderite gives it the pink color. Much like Malachite, Rhodochrosite is created one layer at a time. In Argentina, the Rhodocrhosite formed as stalactites in the abandoned Incan silver mines. The balance of components in the stone determine the shade of pink in each layer. Even more rare specimen can be very gemmy and translucent making it faceted gemstone quality. These will be highly expensive. It has only been considered a popular stone for jewelry since about 1940. before, this was found in silver mines and discarded.

Historical Significance – The name comes from the Greek word ‘rhodochrosis’ meaning – pink colored. This gemstone is found in the United States as well, and the Native Americans used to use this stone as a symbol of love. The Incan culture used to call this stone the “Inca Rose.”

Metaphysical Attributes – Rhodochrosite is a stone of pure open-hearted love for oneself and all others. It is ultimate stone of compassion and unconditional love. This gemstone helps to develop and deepen relationships and see the best in people. It may help to attract soul mates, but it may not be a “forever soul mate” as it brings forth people meant to teach us valuable lessons.

This gem is best known for its ability to help develop self-love and reduce self-criticism. It encourages us to love and accept ourselves as we are. Of course we want to grow, develop, and become our Highest Self, but this stone reminds us that our “work in progress” self is not flawed or insufficient in any way. We are exactly who we are meant to be at this moment.

This loving stone helps to a person to heal from trauma, particularly sexual abuse. It helps one to process and recover from emotional wounds without self-blame. This is a stone of the truth and will force us to look at anything we are repressing in life. Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone to wear in therapy as it helps you to truly examine your issues in an open-hearted, loving manner. This stone helps us move forward to our Highest Good, but it requires that we acknowledge and process that which is holding us back.

Rhodochrosite also eases stress and encourages a positive attitude. It helps to bring more balance to life by balancing emotion, energy, and masculine/feminine aspects. When we are in recovery, this gemstone helps us to see the light and brings hope

Physical Effects – It is said to help ease migraines, lower stress, and ease anxiety. This stone is also said to relieve issues of the veins and arteries and heart ailments.

Practice Mantra – Sit in a seated meditation position, holding the Rhodochrosite in your less dominant hand to receive its energy.  Really feel the support of the cushion or floor beneath you. You are grounded and supported by the Earth’s energies. Place your attention on your Heart area, imagine a beautiful flower blooming open at your heart, and repeat these words.  “I am Safe. I am able to love Myself and Others. I am ready to Heal and move toward my Highest Good.”

Alternately, hold a Rhodochrosite mala and chant this mantra 108 times.

For a more traditional, Buddhist chanting practice with rose quartz, try a session with “Om Mani Padme Hum.” This is the mantra of the Compassion Buddha and inspires compassion to ourselves and every living being.


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