Gemstone Practices for Major Life Changes

This is part of an ongoing series of Gemstone Practices aimed toward achieving a goal or state of mind. I will add to these compilations as I review more stones, but I’ve now gathered enough to get started.

Change is inevitable in life. Even though we all know this, it creates some of the most stressful situations we have to navigate. Whether it is one massive change (loss of loved one or divorce), or several small transitions, it all builds up to create a sense of insecurity and anxiety. There are some things we can keep in mind to minimize the stress this creates in our lives. 1. Breathe and try not to make quick decisions. 2. Meditate on the situation and come to accept it as it is. This is not denial, but releasing the need to fight it and struggle against it. 3. Plan out the parts of the transition that you can affect.

Pick one of the gemstones listed below – whichever one calls to you the most. If you are unsure, click the link on the name of the stone to read the article about that particular gemstone. Once you have decided, follow the meditation instructions, and sit with the imagery and mantra associated with that gemstone.

Meditation Instruction – Sit in seated meditation. This can be in a chair, on a cushion, outside on the ground, or anyplace and position in which you can feel relax, but not fall asleep. Hold the gemstone in your less dominant hand – this is your energetic Receiving Hand.  Notice the contact you make to the cushion or floor beneath you. Through this contact, know that you are completely grounded and supported by the Earth’s energies.  

Charoite – (This is most helpful in accepting the present moment.) Bring your attention to your entire body and your energy field. See it and feel it, just as it is. Just BE. Repeat these words. “I accept myself and my life just as it is. I trust in the Universe to guide me to my True Path and Direction.” Alternately, hold a Charoite mala and chant this mantra 108 times

Malachite – (This is most helpful to open up to the positive opportunities of change.) Imagine soft green light swirling all around you.  Repeat these words. “I am ready to wake up, release any barriers, and realize my true potential.” Alternately, hold a Malachite mala and chant this mantra 108 times

Kambaba Jasper – (This is most helpful to open up to the positive opportunities of change.) Imagine the energy of the Earth flowing up from the deep core of the planet and filling you up. Repeat these words. “I am Connected. I trust Divine Timing. I am ready for New Experiences.”  Alternately, hold a Kambaba Jasper mala and chant this mantra 108 times.

Black Tourmaline – (This is most helpful to ease fear and feel safe during change.) Imagine any heaviness, darkness, or confusion draining out of you in the form of dark smog. It flows out into the Earth and leaves you shining and radiant. Repeat these words. “I am Safe. I am Grounded. I am clear of all Negativity.” Alternately, hold a Black Tourmaline mala and chant this mantra 108 times.

Bloodstone – (This is most helpful to feel secure and use your inner guidance during change.) Imagine a bright, green light emanating from your heart. It forms a warm, protective barrier around you.  Repeat these words. “I am Safe. I am Steady. I accept the Wisdom and Renewal of Change.” Alternately, hold a Bloodstone mala and chant this mantra 108 times.

Added 6/5/2019:

Mookaite – (This is helpful for deciding a new direction and having the courage to take action.) Imagine that you are seated on immense leaves that provide support and energy from deep within the Earth. See a path that is clear and brightly lit before you. Repeat this mantra, “I am open to New Experiences I am Confident in my Direction. I am able to move forward toward my Goal.” Alternately, hold a Mookaite mala and chant this mantra 108 times.


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  1. Love these stones! I am reading this beautiful book called the “Magic Mala” and talks about the stones you choose and intentions…all wrapped up in a story. Your post here makes me smile in that I am getting definite signs to begin a new mala practice with the mala beads (stones) I have. Hehe.

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