Gemstones for Aries!

Most Common Gemstones Associated with Aries

Thursday the 21st, we’ll be transitioning into the season of Aries! (March 21 – April 20) If that is your birth sign and you’re interested in working with gemstones that are especially effective during this time, or if you’re shopping for a gift for a beloved Aries – here is a comprehensive list of gemstones below.  Which ones are you most drawn to?

  • Apache Tear – (Root Chakra) – Stone of Recovery – The Apache Tear is a more translucent form of Obsidian and shares most of the qualities.  This stone is much gentler and slower working than Obsidian. It is extremely useful if you are working through really deep traumas and need to take it slowly.  Apache Tear is an excellent grounding stone connecting the energy of the Heart to the Earth. It is a strong protection stone, protecting one from physical and emotional harm, as well as negative energies.  It helps to work with grief, forgiveness and letting go of the past.
  • Brazilian Agate – (Sacral Chakra) – Stone of Balance and Strength – This agate is known for its abilities to balance the mind, body and spirit.  Once we feels centered and balanced, it encourages a vitality and strength in our lives – both mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Agate, Fire – (Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras) – Stone of Security – Fire Agate is extremely protective.  It connects you to the Earth to provide a deep sense of safety and security. It creates a shield around the aura to protect from ill-wishing and psychic attacks, but it also return the negativity back to the sender so they can understand the effects of their actions. Fire Agate encourages introspection and resolving inner problems.
  • Mexican Lace Agate (Crazy Lace) – (Sacral Chakra) – Stone of Vitality – This gemstone provides a great boost of energy and enhances physical performance. It inspires good humor and joy at play.  It also allows us to look at the big picture of a situation, see all the available options (represented by all the many “pathways” in the lace pattern), and choose the path of the Highest Good.
  • Aquamarine – (Throat Chakra) – Stone of Courage – This stone has often been used for protection on journeys, especially those who travel on water. Helps stabilize and harmonize unsettled surroundings. It soothes and calms frayed nerves and helps reduce fears. This stone gives us the courage to bring issues to closure and to release what we no longer need.  It aids in unblocking communication, so we can have those difficult conversations in a compassionate manner. This stone supports us as we find our individuality and build the courage to be ourselves.
  • Aventurine – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of the Heart – This stone protects from energetic attachments and is useful in harsh environments.  Aventurine is particularly a “heart healer,” and is a stone that balances the masculine and feminine, and yin yang energies. It is a stone that attracts abundance and prosperity.
  • Bloodstone – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Courage – is an intense healing stone.  It inspires great courage, helps us maneuver through change, and to accept that the upset of turmoil can bring great rewards. It is incredibly grounding and protective. Bloodstone wards off evil and dispels negativity in our environment.
  • Citrine – (Solar Plexus Chakra) – Stone of Abundance – Citrine is a powerful stone that never needs cleansing. It automatically transmutes any negative energy into radiant light and protects the aura from attack. This gemstone also encourage great success, abundance and generosity. It is a wonderful tool for manifesting your dreams.
  • Diamond – (Crown Chakra) – Stone of Purity & Manifestation – The Diamond is a powerful stone.  It enhances relationships and marks commitment in marriages. It attracts abundance and enables you to manifest positivity and optimal opportunities into your life. It purifies the aura and allows your light to shine through to the world! Diamonds help to ease fear and shine a light in the darkness.  It also amplifies energy and the effects of other stones.
  • Dolomite – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Optimism – Dolomite helps us to see the best in all situations, the Silver Lining.  It helps to overcome grief and recover from loss. This is a stone that encourages service and humanitarianism as we can all unite over our shared experiences of suffering. It is calming and helps to reduce nightmares during sleep.  Dolomite is also useful for manifesting our best intentions.
  • Hematite – (Root Chakra) – Stone of the Mind – It helps one to “sort things out” in one’s mind, and can be used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking, and technical knowledge.  It helps one realize that the only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves – the sky is the limit. Hematite dissolves negative energy and transforms it to the purity of Universal Love.
  • Jade – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Dreams – Jade is known to attract luck and prosperity.  This helps with the dreamers and visionaries in the world. Jade helps one realize her potential and purpose in life. It gives us the confidence and self-assuredness to bring our dreams into reality.  Jade helps to assure success in our endeavors. It helps one to remember and process dreams.
  • Kyanite – (Throat Chakra) – Stone of Cleansing – This is one stone that never needs clearing or cleansing! It will not accumulate negative energies. It aligns all chakras immediately and balances the energies of mind, body, heart and spirit.
  • Ruby in Zoisite – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Expansion – This stone is known for its abilities to expand the mind and consciousness and allow us access to more of our inherent talents. All psychic abilities will be enhanced with use of this gemstone. Ruby in Zoisite amplifies our entire energy field and helps us feeling connected as part of the whole of humanity.
  • Sardonyx – (Root & Sacral Chakras) – Stone of Strength & Protection – This is a powerful stone to have around the house, because it will protect the home from crime. Sardonyx boosts inner strength, integrity, willpower, and energy.  It strengthens relationships, attracts friends and fortune. It also helps to alleviate derpession.
  • Tektite – (Root Chakra) – Stone of Universal Information – A tektite is formed when a meteor strikes the Earth and melts with the elements at the location.  This stone is connected with the breadth of the Universe and is said to help us channel information from all of the Universe. It also helps us to gather and process all of the information gathered during this lifetime and to retain only those experiences that with help us fulfill our personal destiny. Tektite helps us utilize the information we have accumulated and use it in daily life without effort.

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Other Aries Gems and Crystals:

Angel Wing Agate, Andradite, Autunite, Axinite, Berthierite, Beryllonite, Bixbite (Red Beryl), Boothite, Boulangerite, Cancrinite, Carnallite, Cat’s Eye, Colemanite, Cornetite, Crocoite, Cyanotrichite, Datolite, Dinosaur Bone, Enstatite, Ferrierite, Gibbsite, Geothite, Gypsum, Hazelwoodite, Herderite, Hessonite, Jadeite, Laueite, Lavenite, Leucite, Liebigite, Magnesite, Microlite, Mochi Balls, Monazite, Muirite, Andean Opal, Green Opal, Palladium, Paracelsian, Periclase, Pitchstone, Pyromorphite, Ramsdellite, Sarcolite, Sillimanite, Orange Spinel, Stilbite, Strontianite, Tephroite, Thenardite, Brown Tourmaline (Dravide), Wad, Wilkeite, Wonderstone, Zaratite


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