Gemstones for Pisces

Most Common Gemstones Associated with Pisces

Tuesday the 19th we’ll be transitioning into the season of Pisces! (February 19 – March 20) If that is your birth sign and you’re interested in working with gemstones that are especially effective during this time, or if you’re shopping for a gift for a beloved Pisces – here is a comprehensive list of gemstones below.  Which ones are you most drawn to?

  • Aegerine – (Root Chakra) – Stone of Authenticity – This stone supports our efforts to live truly Authentic lives.  It dispels worries about what others’ think and peer pressure. It helps us stand up for our beliefs. Not everyone may support living as Truest Self, so it shields from psychic attack.  It is also a powerful energy generator and provides positive energy and optimism to entire groups of people.
  • Agate, Blue Lace – (Throat Chakra) – Stone of Spiritual Expansion – Can help the wearer reach extremely high spiritual spaces.  It contains the qualities of flight, air, movement, and grace. It is highly cooling and calming and brings peace into life. It is a highly inspirational influence when used for inner attunement. It helps us to speak our truth, especially if we have already have a fear of rejection and failure. This gives us the strength to open up, be vulnerable again, and speak authentically.
  • Amethyst – (Third Eye Chakra) – Stone of Spirituality and Contentment – It balances the energies of the intellectual, emotional and physical bodies and provides a clear connection between the Earthly plane and other worlds.  It clears the aura and stabilizes and transmutes any dysfunctional energies. Amethyst represents the principles of complete metamorphosis. It aids against addictions. Increases stability, strength, energy and peace.
  • Anhydrite – Crown Chakra – Stone of Acceptance – This gemstone helps us to truly accept the present moment just as it is. It helps us to navigate change and difficult scenarios with calmness and wisdom. Anhydrite allows us to release the past and learn from previous experience.
  • Aquamarine – (Throat Chakra) – Stone of Courage – This stone has the calming, soothing energy of the sea. Used for protection on journeys, especially those who travel on water. Helps stabilize and harmonize unsettled surroundings. Helps reduce fears. Has an affinity with sensitive and mystical people. Recommended as a purifier of the throat and helps sore throats. Clears blocked communication and aids the user in verbal expression. This stone allows us to find our individually and be ourselves.
  • Bloodstone – (Heart Chakra) – Stone of Courage – is an intense healing stone. It inspires great courage, helps us maneuver through change, and to accept that the upset of turmoil can bring great rewards. It is incredibly grounding and protective. Bloodstone wards off evil and dispels negativity in our environment. 
  • Chinese Writing Stone – (Root Chakra) – Stone of Re-Alignment – This stone received the name Chinese Writing Rock or Stone because of the crystaline structure resembling the Chinese characters of the written language. It is a mineral that is used to help one access information from ancient texts and the Akashic Records. It is and excellent stone for dreaming, assisting one into a dream state. It is a stone of re-affirmation, re-alignment and re-commitment. It helps one to adjust to change, accept responsibility and stimulate originality.
  • Coral – Stone of Inner Wisdom – Although not a gemstone, Coral assists with accessing intuition, imagination and visualization. It helps to quiet our mind and emotions so we can listen to the wisdom within.  It helps us to make contact with our spirit guides and download the knowledge and guidance they have to offer.
  • Fluorite – (Third Eye Chakra) – Stone of Order & Learning – Fluorite brings order to chaos. Its energy stabilizes and connects the mind, body, heart and spirit energies. Being multi-colored it helps to balance and clear all the chakras and energetic channels allowing one to open to guidance from Spirit. Fluorite is also an amazing study aid! It helps to sharpen the mind, increase focus, memory and absorption of information. 
  • Common Opal – (Various Chakras) – Stone of Karma – This is a very gentle stone. It is cleansing, soothing and nurturing.  It helps to gently stimulate psychic vision and abilities. It is stone of karma. It amplifies what we receive and manifest, and sends it back out to the World. It teaches that what you put out into the World is what comes back to you. In that vein, Opal encourages generosity and optimism as a way to nurture ourselves and others.
  • Schalenblende – (Solar Plexus Chakra) – Stone of Resilience – Is grounding and very protective. It helps to regenerate energy and physical strength. It helps us absorb energy from the Earth to improve endurance. Supports us when we feel like we have almost exhausted our personal resources and can’t handle any more. Encourages productive communication between people in conflict.
  • Smithsonite – (Various Chakras) – Stone of Comfort – This gemstone helps to heal the “inner child,” so if you are still recovering from wounds of childhood, this is a healing stone. Smithsonite helps to hold and buffer the hard knock of life. It helps to relieve unbearable stress and to avoid mental breakdown. This stone encourages taking a leadership position to diffuse difficult situations.  Finally, this gemstone helps to connect us with the Angelic realms and to bolster our intuitive abilities.
  • Staurolite – (Root Chakra) – This is known as the Fairy Stone, formed when the Fairies cried as they spread the word of Christ’s death. It is an extremely protective talisman.  This stone helps to enhance positive magical use and connects us with the deep, ancient wisdom of the Earth. This stone is powerful for alleviating stress, lifting depression, and curbing addictions.
  • Golden (Imperial) Topaz – (Sacral Chakra) – Stone of Inspiration – This gemstone lifts us up as it helps to recharge our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual batteries! This stone helps us recognize our own abilities and put them to best use.  It encourages drive, confidence, and overcoming barriers to our success. It also helps us connect with the source of our Divinity and use to to follow our Highest Life Path.

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Other Pisces Gems and Crystals:

Altaite, Anglesite, Bieberite, Bixbyite, Caledonite, Carrollite, Conichalcite, Cowrie, Davyne, Diabanite, Diaspor, Dicinite, Dickite, Enargite, Enhydro, Fluoroapatite, Gmelinite, Halite, Joaquinite, Kammererite, Kaolinite, Kinoite, Lamprophyllite, Lazurite, Linarite, Messelite, Mitridite, Nadorite, Natrolite, Natrophyllite, Neptunite, Northupite, Shell, Tavorite, Trevorite, Vauxite, Verdite, Weeksite


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