Clear Quartz: Stone of Amplification

Clear Quartz – (Crown Chakra) – (ALL Zodiac Signs)

This crystal is by far the one I use the most. It combines powerfully with every other stones and is a magnificent amplifier for Reiki healing. Whenever I send out distance Reiki, I add Clear Quartz to my Reiki name box to enhance the effects. I also add one bead of Clear Quartz to all of my healing gemstone bracelets to boost the effects of the primary stone. I have multiple pieces (tumbled, rough, wands, etc.) and some is always within reach!

Science – Quartz includes a very large family of gems. In fact, it is the most common mineral on Earth! For this reason it has been called “the Grandfather of all Gems.” Although this article is about the Clear variety, quartz also includes Amethyst, Citrine, Rose, Smoky, Snow, Agate, Chalcedony, Aventurine, and many, many more. Quartz is used in watches and radios because it can produce electromagnetic energy when under physical pressure (piezoelectricity).

Historical Significance – Quartz is said to be named after the Slavic word for ‘hard’, but also the Greek word for ‘ice’. Clear Quartz is also known as Rock Crystal. Clear Quartz has been revered for ages. Crystal balls were used for scrying and divination. Japanese cultures considered Quartz a symbol for purity. Native American cultures believed that Quartz housed sentient spirits and would provide them with offerings. In fact, in Central and South America, Clear Quartz was carved into the shape of skulls to represent the spirits within.

Metaphysical Attributes – Quartz is well known for being able to amplify, store, and direct the flow of energy. The amplification aspect is extremely useful. It can amplify our intentions, so using Clear Quartz during intention setting rituals, moon phase ceremonies, and while creating vision boards will give extra power for those intentions to grow and manifest. Clear Quartz can be combined with other gemstones to amplify their effects. If you really need “extra” of what a crystal provides, pair it with Quartz for an additional boost.

Clear quartz is an amazing cleanser for our energy, aura, chakras, and physical body. It helps to raise our personal vibration and dissolve blockages that are creating imbalances. This stone inherently knows what we need to be Whole and works to correct the source of illness. The amplification property works especially well for healers as it can boost the effective of the treatment. I use Clear Quartz whenever I am working with Reiki clients to enhance the power of the Reiki energy.

Clear Quartz is a perfect gem for working with and developing metaphysical abilities. It helps clear distractions during meditation, so one can listen deeper and open the Crown Chakra up to receive information from our guides, angels, Higher Self and the Universe. If you are trying to expand your psychic abilities, include Clear Quartz in your practices to relax your energy, dissolve energetic or emotional barriers, and be more receptive to the messages.

Finally, this crystal records the energy it comes in contact with and it can be released or “read” at a later time. It helps to form a conduit to our past lives to help with karmic and soul healing as it holds a memory of “all that was.” This gemstone can be charged with an energy or intention to be used later on. The stone can be filled with the intention of courage, for example, if you have an upcoming event that frightens you. Then you can hold the stone during the event and receive the boost of confidence and courage.

This recording feature of Quartz has said to be responsible for a large amount of hauntings across the world. If a property was built on land laden with Quartz material, it will record the life history of that building and replay it long after the events have ceased.

Physical Effects – Clear Quartz is said to help with the healing process in general, so if you are ill, or recovering from an injury or surgery, carrying Quartz with you will enhance the healing process.

Practice Mantras – Sit in seated meditation, holding the Clear Quartz in your less dominant hand to receive its energy.  Really feel the support of the cushion or floor beneath you. You are grounded and supported by the Earth’s energies. Imagine a brilliant white light shining out from your Crown Chakra, the very top of your head. This light gently showers down upon you clearing any blocks and cleansing your entire energetic body. Repeat these words. “I am Clear. I am Open. I am ready to Receive and Grow.”

Alternately, hold a Clear Quartz mala and chant this mantra 108 times.


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4 thoughts on “Clear Quartz: Stone of Amplification

  1. I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the ‘recording’ properties of quartz and got a little shiver when reading about ‘hauntings’ where buildings sit atop heavy deposits of this crystal…there’s so much to life, isn’t there? So many facets and angles we seldom dwell on or have knowledge of. As always, thanks for a concise post. xxx

    1. I had heard about the Quartz theory before on ghost hunting shows, but it was only after I really studied Quartz did I realize how valid that theory could be. It just occurred to me that second-hand quartz jewelry should probably get an extra cleansing or before energy work just in case something surprising has been recorded…. :-O

      1. What a chilling yet intriguing thought…I’m sure you’re right. Jewelery sits on our skin and quartz would likely record everything.

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