Numerology: Life Path Numbers & Gemstones

I have recently been reading up on my Life Path Number, and my 2019 Yearly Number, and I automatically knew what my Life Path Number stone would be based on my traits and the areas in which I need support.  Out of curiosity I continued to read about all of the Life Path Numbers and came to an intuitive sense of which Gemstones would best support a person of each Life Path.

**Note, numerology is not my expertise.  There are some great resources I use in my own personal work that I have listed at the end of the article.

1 Life Path: The Leader (Sunstone – Personal Power)

The Leader is an innovative, creative driving force. They are charismatic and take the World by storm to influence its direction. The Sunstone helps people with creativity, confidence, leadership and abundance. If you are Life Path 1 and feeling a little uninspired, then wear Sunstone to give you a boost with your mission!

2 Life Path: The Peacemaker (Sodalite – Community)

The Peacemaker is a person who expresses the voice of cooperation, harmony, kindness, and universal vision. Sodalite is a stone that helps us own our True Voice and to use it to brings communities together. If you are Life Path 2 and feel at a loss about your message, sit with Sodalite to allow the Highest Good to manifest through you.

3 Life Path: The Creator (Carnelian – The Artist’s Stone)

The Creator is full of vision, life, artistry, and expression that they share with the World to make it brighter and more alive. Carnelian is an energetic stone that stimulates creative thinking and the ability to bring visions into reality. If you are feeling like you have a Writer’s Block, wear Carnelian to get the creative juices flowing again.

4 Life Path: The Organizer (Hematite – Stone of the Mind)

The Organizer can plan, build, and works with integrity and determination. The work gets done in an effective and efficient manner. Hematite grounds our mind into calm, structured thinking and planning. If you are Life Path 4 and feeling at loss for direction, site with Hematite to focus your thoughts and work on the next step.

5 Life Path: The Adventurer – (Malachite – Stone of Transformation)

The Adventure is all about freedom, exploration and pushing the boundaries of life! Malachite is an extremely protective stone that helps us during travel and major transitions in life. If you are Life Path 5 and about to start off on your next adventure, make sure to carry a piece of Malachite with you!

6 Life Path: The Nurturer (Moonstone – Stone of Reflection)

The Nurturer is dedicated to providing comfort, beauty, and kindness to friends and family. Moonstone is the stone of Mother Moon, and connects us with the Divine Feminine to provide a safe place for family to grow. If you are Life Path 6, and feeling a bit tired and strained, Moonstone reminds you to take care of yourself as well.

7 Life Path: The Truth Seeker (Amethyst – Spirituality & Wisdom)

The Truth Seeker is a person who is looking for the Ultimate connection to Higher Self. They spend much time studying, meditating, and in Spiritual Practice. Amethyst helps to open our consciousness and connect us with great Universal Information. If you are Life Path 7 and seeking Wisdom and Connection – meditating and listening with Amethyst will help you find Ultimate Peace.

8 Life Path: The Powerhouse (Citrine – Abundance & Prosperity)

The Powerhouse takes charge in the Business World! They build, maintain, and make businesses and projects thrive. They attract opportunities to prosper! Citrine is the Master of all Abundance stones, as it energizes, boosts confidence, enhances decisiveness, encourages wise business choices, and attracts abundance into your life. If you are Life Path 8 and worried about a current or upcoming venture, wear Citrine to help you find your confidence again.

9 Life Path: The Humanitarian (Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love)

The Humanitarian has a heart committed to helping others and inspiring love and generosity. Rose Quartz helps to keep the Heart Chakra wide open and to allow the courage to be open to give and receive love and support. If your are Life Path 9 and having some difficulty being compassionate about a current person or situation, wear Rose Quartz to remind you of your Heart Center.

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6 thoughts on “Numerology: Life Path Numbers & Gemstones

  1. This is quite amazing. I am a 5, and when I was younger, a friend used to do beaded necklaces. The only necklace I could not bear to wear–in fact, the only stone I could not tolerate, was malachite. At the time, I was very much out of myself–floating 2 feet above my body, honestly, and completely disoriented spiritually. I wonder what would happen if I tried to wear malachite now, after 30 years of work? Fascinating post.

    1. Very interesting experience! Malachite IS a quite powerful stone, and is often used in combination with other stones to balance it out. OOB travel isn’t one of its known abilities, but it does “take the wool off our eyes” to show us things we’ve been in denial about. It’s part of its aspect of transformation – revealing what needs to be explored or changed. Not always pleasant, but truthful. I’d definitely be interested to hear your about your experiences with Malachite today. Please let me know if you try! <3 <3

      1. I was talking to my wife yesterday about it, and we are definitely going to stop by our local crystal source to check it out. Will get back to you when I have more. 😀

      2. I also posted a full blog on Malachite back in November if you’d like to read more about it before you go to check out the stones. I look forward to hearing about your current experience with it 🙂

  2. My Life Path number is 33. I was wondering why 11, 22 and 33 are not listed here?

    1. Hi Gale 🙂 You have to reduce it down to a single-digit number, so your Life Path would actually be 6. There are special Life Path notes for 11 (and probably 22 & 33 and so on, but that is more advanced Numerology).

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