Citrine: Stone of Abundance

Citrine: Stone of Abundance, Cleansing, Prosperity & Confidence

Citrine Quartz – (Solar Plexus Chakra) – (Zodiac of Gemini, Aries, Libra & Leo)

Happy New Year! Wishing you all a brilliant, prosperous and abundant 2019! We’re starting off the year with a study of Citrine Quartz – the Ultimate Stone of Abundance! This is a shiny, flashy, yellow stone that looks like shimmery gold. This is an all-around beneficial stone for bringing optimism, creativity, cleansing, manifestation, gratitude and prosperity into our lives. If you love crystals and don’t have a Citrine – go pick one up!

Science – Citrine is part of the Quartz family. It gets the yellow color from iron in the stone. The name comes from the Latin word Citrus, in relations to the color of lemons. It is one of the few yellow colored stones – Topaz being another.

Historical Significance – Ancient civilizations associated Citrine with the Sun Gods, life and vitality. Julius Caesar’s soldiers would wear Citrine with the belief that it had life-saving abilities.

Metaphysical Attributes – Citrine harnesses the power of the Sun, bring energy and spark to your life. This is a stone to bring physical energy when you are feeling depleted. It also brings Creative energy and inspiration when you are trying to manifest your ideas.

As the stone of Sun power, it is also extremely protective and cleansing. This is one stone that never needs cleansing! Not only does Citrine protect from negativity, it absorbs, transmutes and grounds out negative energy. It leaves an after-glow of positive energy in your environment. This is an excellent gemstone to keep with you at work, especially if you are working in a high-stress or energetically toxic environment. It’s good at home, your spiritual space, and wearing about with you. It relieves stress, depression, and uplifts emotions.

Citrine is primarily known for its ability to attract abundance and prosperity in one’s life. This is a great crystal for business matters and for starting new businesses and projects. Citrine helps to manifest wealth and alleviate debt. This gemstone also reminds us to be generous and to help others with the gains we have manifested. Cirtine benefits us for the Highest Good, so if we abuse Citrine’s gifts, then we’ll end up attached, miserly and suffering.

This is a gemstone associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the center of our Personal Power. Citrine brings confidence and optimism. It helps us not be so reactive to criticism, because we already know our own worth. This stone helps us to discover and enforce our own personal boundaries. It teaches us to say, “No,” and avoid being taken advantage of. Again, this is wonderful for a business, job interviews and closing sales. If you need a boost of confidence, wear Citrine.

Physical Effects – As this is an energetic, uplifting stone, it is said to be useful for lifting depression, treating chronic fatigue, and aiding digestion.

Practice Mantras – Sit in seated meditation, holding the Citrine in your less dominant hand to receive its energy.  Really feel the support of the cushion or floor beneath you. You are grounded and supported by the Earth’s energies. Imagine bright, brilliant sunshine streaming out in all directions from the core of your body.   Repeat these words. “I am open to all opportunities for Abundance and I have the confidence to Manifest all that I need.”

Alternately, hold a Citrine mala and chant this mantra 108 times.

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  1. Thank you…I was fascinated by the fact that citrine does not require cleansing. Have I missed a post on how to cleanse stones/crystals? Especially rose quartz and amethyst? xxx

    • I haven’t written one yet, but that’s an excellent idea! Usually I use Selenite, Palo Santo incense, and rain, but some stones can’t be in sun or water, so I’ll have to research the stones that are extra sensitive. Thank you for the idea! <3 <3

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