Green Aventurine: Stone of Heart Healing

Green Aventurine – (Heart Chakra) – (Zodiac of Aries)

Aventurine was one of the very first stones I started working with when I started jewelry making.  It’s a beautiful green, and stones are readily available and affordable. There is something warm, nurturing and natural about this particular shade of green and it reminds me of being outside taking walks in the park. 

Science – Aventurine is a quartz with mica inclusions that provide the color and some sparkle. Depending on the type of inclusion, this stone can come in many different colors: blue, peach, yellow and more.  The inclusions that give Aventurine the green color are mostly fuchsite. Green is the most common color (and all the different colors have different metaphysical qualities, so I’ll post about them individually).  If a stone is labeled “Green Quartz” or “Blue Quartz” – it is likely Aventurine.

Historical Significance – In Ancient Greece, the stone was sewn into the clothes of warriors to inspire courage.  In shamanic cultures, this stone was used in medicine wheel rituals to connect with the loving energy of the spirit guides and gods.

Metaphysical Attributes – This is one of the best healers in the gemstone family.  It is especially effective at Heart healing. It can be used with any illness or imbalance.  Green Aventurine instills a sense of calm and well-being.  In the Heart healing realm, it shields and protects the wearer from energetic attachments – particularly heart related.  If you are receiving unwanted attention, or recovering from a breakup and the person is still clinging, this gem will protect you from psychic and energetic invasions.

Green Aventurine is also excellent for ALL types of energy balancing. This helps with its healing abilities.  It can balance out masculine/feminine, yin/yang, and physical energies.  It you’re feeling “off” physically, a little out of sorts, then this is a good source to help you reset. Additionally, Aventurine diffuses negative energy and situations and turns it positive.  This is an excellent stone for healers in general, such a nurses, doctors, Reiki healers, and all those in a healing profession.  Not only does it help to balance and heal illness in the patients, but it also helps to protect the healer and keep him/her in balance as well.

Finally, Green Aventurine is linked to abundance and prosperity. This is less in terms of financial prosperity, but more of growth and plentitude, represented by the color Green. If you are looking to attract more love, friendships, joy and happiness into your life, then this gemstone is right for you.

Physical Effects – It is said to be particularly good for easing allergy symptoms and migraines, but in general, this stone is great for any type of illness.

Practice Mantras – Sit in seated meditation, holding the Aventurine in your less dominant hand to receive its energy.  Really feel the support of the cushion or floor beneath you. You are grounded and supported by the Earth’s energies. Imagine a warm, light green light swirling about you – soft and gentle.   Repeat these words. “I am ready Release, Heal, and Prosper.”

Alternately, hold a Aventurine mala and chant this mantra 108 times.


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