Moonstone: Stone of Reflection

Healing Benefits of Moonstone – (Crown Chakra) – (Zodiac of Cancer)

Moonstone has got to be one of the most magical looking stones on the planet.  Not only is it beautiful, and flashes and glows like the moon, but it has long been considered a sacred stone and included in magic use. There is something mysterious and magical about the sight of the moon in the sky, and this stone encapsulates some of that magic in a hand-held size.

Science – Moonstone is an orthoclase gem that has phenomenal flash.  The orthoclase is layered with feldspar, and the refraction of light between those layers is what causes the shimmery glow (called adularescence).  Moonstone is available in a variety of colors: off-white, beige, peach, grey, blue and rainbow.

Historical Significance – Originally called selenitis because it was associated with the Greek moon goddess, Selene. It also had the name adularia due to its discovery near Mt. Adular in Switzerland.  In Arab countries it was used for fertility and to ensure large families. In Hindu belief, the moonstone was solidified pieces of actual moon beams.  It was a birth stone for those born on Moon’s Day (Monday). It has long been associated with magic and rituals that depended on the phases of the moon.

Metaphysical Attributes – Physically, moonstone is reflective, and spiritually it also allows us to reflect on our opportunities and intuitive wisdom. It allows us to think before we react.  This stone helps us to recognize new beginnings. If you are in a life transition, Moonstone will help you see the positive, new opportunities that arise from letting go of the old.

Moonstone is a powerful gemstone to calm the emotions. It helps to reduce overreactions and emotional triggers. If you are entering into a situation that might trigger an emotional reaction, wearing Moonstone will help to ease the fire and help you respond to the situation wisely.  Moonstone is soothing and nurturing like a Mother, so if you are recovering from trauma this is a wonderful stone to keep near you even as you sleep.

This is a stone of wishing and hoping.  It enables us to absorb what we need from the Universe (not necessarily what we want). If you are at your wits end and want guidance from Spirit, Moonstone will help us hear the answers (just be prepared to hear the Truth and not just words of comfort).  Moonstone helps us to understand and follow our destiny.

Physical Effects – Moonstone is perfect for “all things woman” – fertility, easing menstrual symptoms, PMS, breastfeeding, childbirth and menopause.

Practice Mantras – Sit in seated meditation, holding the Moonstone in your less dominant hand to receive its energy.  Really feel the support of the cushion or floor beneath you. You are grounded and supported by the Earth’s energies. Imagine a rainbow of light streaming down on you from the sky.  This is the blessed light of the Moon. Repeat these words. “I am calm. I am at peace. I am ready to see my Truth.”

Alternately, hold a Moonstone mala and chant this mantra 108 times.

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  1. Thank you, moonstone is one of my favorites, I once found one on a beach in California….appropriately named “Moon Beach”

    1. That’s perfect! The stone was definitely a sign and gift to your from the Universe <3 <3

  2. It’s time to pay more attention to my moonstone necklace (they look like moonstones – hoping they’re the real thing!) xxx

    1. I imagine they’re real. Moonstones aren’t expensive, so jewelers tend to use the real thing. I’d love to know how you feel after wearing the necklace for awhile. What affect does Moonstone have on you?

  3. Thank you for this insightful information.

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