Malachite: Stone of Transformation

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Malachite – (Heart Chakra)- (Zodiac = Capricorn)

Malachite is a gemstone that pulls alot of attention.  Its luscious green color and dramatic swirls just lead people to want to pick it up and stare at it.  The allure is also because it’s a very powerful stone that people are most definitely drawn to.

**Toxicity Note** “The Crystal Bible emphasizes that Malachite is toxic and should not be ingested.  If you practice making gemstone elixirs in water – do not use Malachite unless under expert guidance.

Science – Malachite is found wherever copper is mined. It is formed when the lime in the water interacts with the copper and slowly creates this beautiful green stone one layer at a time.  (Azurite is also formed with copper this way and hence why Azurite-Malachite stones exist)

Historical Significance – Malachite is one of the oldest power stones.  Ancient Egyptians used Malachite often in amulets and in headdresses believing that it would help them think clearly and rule wisely.  The Egyptian Book of the Dead mentions green stones raining from the heavens, so they used Malachite to connect with the energies of Heaven. The Egyptians also ground it up to use as a cosmetic, paint, and dye.

Metaphysical Attributes – A unique attribute of Malachite is that it absorbs energies rather than emit it.  Malachite is used to pull out negativity, illness from the body and great to support detoxing.  If you feel there is something “stuck” in your system, place Malachite over the area to try to release it and absorb it out of you.  For this reason, Malachite should be cleansed regularly.  Use only plain water, light, or other stones to cleanse it, because it is a soft and delicate stone – no chemical cleansers or salt.

Malachite is a powerful stone for manifesting personal growth and transformation in one’s life. It activates and clears all of the chakras and stirs up stagnant energies in the body.  It absorbs anything blocking proper chakra opening and movement. When used in meditation, Malchite arouses complete honesty within oneself.  Anything blocking your progress will be brought the the surface.  Remember, Malachite draws things out, so it will show you what you are keeping hidden.  This process of activating, awakening, and revealing all lead to dramatic transformation is one’s life. Energies, intentions, illness, fears – can all be transformed by regular meditation with Malachite.

While all of this dramatic change and opening is occurring, Malachite protects your body and space from any potential contaminants that may block your progress or set you back.  When working through great transformation or transitions in your life, carry or wear Malachite to help steady to on the path.

Physical Effects – Malachite is known as the “Midwife’s Stone” and has long been used by pregnant women and midwives for a safe and easy birth.  This stone also stimulates growth and strength, so that is another reason why pregnant women would wear it – for the healthy growth of the baby.  If you are recovering from long tern physical illness, or need to gain weight and muscle, Malachite will provide that stimulation.

Practice Mantras – Sit in seated meditation, holding the Malachite in your less dominant hand to receive its energy.  Really feel the support of the cushion or floor beneath you. You are grounded and supported by the Earth’s energies. Imagine soft green light swirling all around you.  Repeat these words. “I am ready to wake up, release any barriers, and realize my true potential.”

Alternately, hold a Malachite mala and chant this mantra 108 times.

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  1. Love this info about malachite. I think I have a polished malachite stone that I could use for meditation. I love holding amethyst for meditation, too. But green stones would stimulate the heart chakra and I want to work with opening the heart chakra more so…YEAH! 🙂 If that green stone I have isn’t malachite, I need to get myself to a rock store STAT. hehe.

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